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General Conditions of Sale - GCS

Any customer acknowledges being of legal age, not being under guardianship and acknowledges having read the present conditions for him and the account of all the travelers he registered at the time of booking. It is the customer's responsibility to check the provisions in force before any transaction, Medi's Cab reserving the right to modify the Special Conditions of Sale at any time.

Acceptance of the general conditions of sale

The reservation of transport or other products with Medi's Cab entails the customer's full acceptance of the general and special conditions of sale of Medi's Cab and the unreserved acceptance of all of their provisions in force on the day of the reservation.
It also implies acceptance of our terms of use of the site. This acceptance is made on behalf of all participants. The customer accepts the validation of the contract, by ticking the box on the order form sent by email to the customer "Accept the General Conditions of Sale" of Medi's Cab, of these general conditions of sale, constituting the irrevocable manifestation of acceptance of the terms of the contract.
This acceptance may only be called into question in the cases provided for in the “Complaints” article. If applicable, the customer accepts the cancellation conditions.

Reservation and Payment

All services are payable before execution, unless otherwise agreed with the customer (after acceptance and signature of the order form transcribed by email to Medi's Cab): For a departure more than 30 days after the date of reservation, the reservation cannot be made that after receipt of a deposit of 30 % of the total price of the service, the sale must be precise before the departure date. In the case of a reservation for a departure within 30 days, the service must be applied when booking. No service may be defective in the absence of full payment of the price of the service.
Failing to have paid the full price within the deadlines provided above, the customer will be deemed to have canceled his stay or trip and will be liable for the cancellation fees provided for below. In this case, the sums remitted by the customer on booking will be kept by Medi's Cab as an advance on cancellation costs.
The right of withdrawal does not apply to transport services (article L121-20-4 of the consumer code). Thus the customer does not benefit from any right of withdrawal. The client must provide Medi's Cab in writing (e-mail) with the information defined below.
Dates, times and routes: The date, time and place of the start and end of the provision; The date, time and place of initial passenger pick-up and the date, time and place of their final drop-off; If applicable, the date, time and location of intermediate stopping points; If applicable, the imposed itinerary. Compliance with an arrival time for a connection must be the subject of a stated requirement by the instructing party.
Composition of the carrier group: – the maximum number of people making up the group. – the maximum number of people with reduced mobility, including the number of people in wheelchairs. – the maximum number of people under the age of eighteen in the context of public transport for children and the number of accompanying persons.
If it is an accompanied group, the customer provides the names of the people with organizational or supervisory responsibilities, the nature of which must be specified. These persons designated as responsible must know the conditions for organizing transport.
With the exception provided below, the customer provides the list of passenger names. In free form, this list includes the surname and first name of each passenger and, in the context of public transport of children, the telephone number of a person to contact for each child transported.
However, the name list of passengers is not required when the services mentioned in this article are carried out in the area constituted by the passenger handling department and the neighboring departments. For the application of this derogation: The city of Paris, the departments of Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne are considered as a single department. Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport is considered to be part of the following departments: Val-d'Oise, Seine-Saint-Denis and Seine-et-Marne. Orly airport is considered part of the following departments: Val-de-Marne and Essonne.
Nature of baggage: The approximate overall weight and volume; the possible preciousness and fragility; any other specifics.
Means of communication: The telephone number allowing the carrier to reach the customer at any time (24 hours a day and seven days a week).

Reservation and means of payment

The reservation of the services offered by Medi's Cab to the customer has been designed in such a way as to allow the customer to reconsider his order before the final validation, through various stages during the course included, the customer will always have the possibility of canceling his reservation, until the payment of the trip. The order of services is only reserved for users who have validated these general conditions of sale, by checking the box on the order form for the service: "I accept the general conditions of sale"
The customer accepts that the validation of the contract, By his signature on the order form which was sent by e-mail to Medi's Cab, of these general conditions of sale, constitute the irrevocable manifestation of acceptance of the terms of the contract.
This acceptance is made on behalf of all participants in the trips. The acceptance of the terms of the contract and the acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale is worth final order and cannot be retracted.
The customer agrees to pay the entire order at the time of booking. Once the payment has been validated, the customer will receive an order confirmation by email, to the email address indicated during the booking process. Medi's Cab may contact the customer, by email or telephone, if the supplier no longer ensures the availability of the service ordered. In this case, an agreement will be reached with the customer, either by modifying the order, or by canceling the order and refunding the customer.
Medi's Cab cannot be held responsible for this lack of availability.

Delivery of documents

After full payment of the price of the service requested, Medi's Cab sends the customer the travel documents electronically. Depending on the date of departure, the customer may request their travel documents by mail.
In this case, the sending of the documents will be invoiced according to the type of sending: Simple mail €20 including tax, Chronopost France €45 including tax and Chronopost International €75 including tax.


No dispute concerning the price of the stay can be taken into consideration after the customer has accepted the quote. It is up to the customer to assess, before the conclusion of the contract, whether the price suits him by accepting the principle that it is a fixed price. In particular, the prices do not take into account the promotional rates granted on certain dates; consequently, no complaint or request for refund will be taken into account in this respect.
Similarly, if for any reason whatsoever, the customer cancels his reservations on site, no refund will be granted (provision concerning transport by vehicle of any kind).
The price includes the price of transport stricto sensu, which includes in particular the remuneration of the driver(s), that of the ancillary and complementary services described in the contract. The other “extra” services remain the responsibility of the customer. Any ancillary or additional service is remunerated at the agreed price.
This is the case in particular for: long-term parking on a site; air, rail, sea transfers of the driver(s) in the event of a long period of inactivity; additional maritime (ferry) or rail (tunnel) transport; baggage insurance that passengers may take out, overtime and additional kilometres, accommodation and meal costs for the driver(s).

Application fees

Any service reservation will not be invoiced, we do not charge any administration fees.

Payment Security

The security of payments via Medi's Cab advisers is guaranteed by the traceability of payments sent to you by e-mail to the e-mail address that the customer must communicate when validating the order form. In the event of payment by credit card online or via VAD, no bank data is kept by Medi's Cab and the customer receipt is immediately sent by e-mail to the customer.

Modification of the contract more than 24 hours before departure

The customer must imperatively inform Medi's Cab of the modification of his contract by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by email no later than 24 hours before the date of the service, indicating precisely the modifications to his trip. Fixed costs will then have to be paid.


It is the customer's responsibility to inform themselves and to be in order with the local authorities, before their departure, concerning the administrative formalities, police formalities and health formalities necessary within the framework of their stay. For information, the customer has access to the sites diplomatie.gouv.fr, actionvisa.com, etc.
He must comply with these formalities and bear all the related costs. Medi's Cab cannot be held responsible for the customer's failure to comply with these obligations, and cannot be held liable for any fines resulting from the non-compliance with these formalities.

Duration of trips

The duration of the service includes days of departure and return. For transport, whatever the vehicle: the time that elapses between the moment when the vehicle is made available to the customer and the moment when the carrier regains the freedom to use it. The duration of availability includes the time for picking up and dropping off passengers and their luggage, which varies according to the nature of the service.


All the services described on the websites, brochures and documents of Medi's Cab, are mentioned for information only and cannot engage the responsibility of Medi's Cab, in the event of modification after their drafting by Medi's Cab.
In addition, any service reserved and not consumed, totally or partially, cannot give rise to any reimbursement, for whatever reason. Transport, activities and excursions reserved by the customer are carried out by independent service providers who are solely responsible for their organization. Medi's Cab cannot be held responsible for any dispute, incident or accident occurring during the performance of these services.


Medi's Cab cannot replace the individual responsibility of each travel participant. Medi's Cab acting as an intermediary between, on the one hand, the customer and, on the other hand, various service providers (carriers, hoteliers, charterers, local agencies, etc.), cannot be confused with the latter who, in any case cause, retain their own responsibility.
Medi's Cab cannot be held responsible and liable for any compensation in the event of cancellation or change of dates of stays. Any trip interrupted or shortened or any service not consumed by the customer, for any reason whatsoever, will not give rise to any reimbursement or compensation.
All special requests (wheelchair, excess luggage, special meals, transport of musical instruments, etc.) must be sent by email to contact@mediscab.fr who will endeavor to satisfy any request of this nature by intervening with the supplier. of the service in question. However, Medi's Cab cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any damages that may result from the failure to take into account a special request.
No refund will be granted if the customer requests on the spot a modification of the services provided for in the contract. In the case of transport by any vehicle whatsoever: Medi's Cab is an intermediary between, on the one hand, the carrier and, on the other hand, the end customer. Passengers are responsible for any damage caused to vehicles by their actions. Any damage inside the vehicles caused by the passenger(s) will be charged to the customer.
The carrier is responsible for the safety of the transport, including during each boarding and each alighting of the passengers of the vehicle whatever it is. The driver takes the necessary safety measures and, if necessary, gives instructions to the passengers, who are required to follow them. Stops are left to the initiative of the carrier or the driver to meet the obligations of safety and compliance with social regulations relating to driving times and rest periods for drivers, or other necessities.
Departure and arrival times as well as itineraries are given for information only and are subject to change if circumstances so require, in particular for reasons of legislation, safety, fortuitous event or force majeure. Medi's Cab cannot be held responsible for delays due to events beyond its control (for example: mechanical breakdowns, traffic jams, accidents, strikes, weather conditions, deviations, closed roads, the fact of a or several passengers, the act of a third party, any fortuitous event or force majeure) or even dictated by the need to ensure the safety of the persons transported. No compensation or reimbursement will be granted to the customer in these circumstances.
For vehicles whose seats are fitted with seat belts, the carrier informs passengers of the obligation to wear this equipment. Except for exceptions provided for in the Highway Code, the wearing of seat belts applies to each passenger, adult and child. Unless there are legal exceptions, the transport of dangerous goods is prohibited in vehicles. If a derogation applies, the instructing party informs the carrier. Concerning more specifically the public transport of children, the customer must ensure that the persons designated as responsible have the necessary knowledge in terms of safety for the public transport of children; The customer must ask the persons designated as responsible to provide the safety instructions to be applied (danger around the car, obligation to remain seated, etc.), in particular those concerning the compulsory wearing of seat belts, and to ensure that they are respected; the customer must give instructions to the persons designated as responsible for counting the children one by one each time they get in and out of the car.
Hand luggage, of which the passenger retains custody, remains under his full responsibility. At the end of the transport, the customer, his representative and the passengers are required to ensure that no object has been forgotten in the coach. The carrier and Medi's Cab decline all responsibility in the event of deterioration or theft of anything that may have been left there. The public distribution in a vehicle of musical, cinematographic, television works or personal recordings must be the subject of a prior declaration and be authorized by the copyright holders. Any steps and costs related to this dissemination are placed under the full responsibility of the Carrier.

Cancellation by the customer

Any modification or cancellation from the customer concerning the rental of one of our vehicles, before departure will result in the collection of the following costs: – Cancellation more than 31 days before the departure date: 0% of the total amount of the service – Cancellation 30 days and 16 days before the departure date: 50% of the total amount of the service – Cancellation of 15 days and 7 days before the departure date: 50% of the total amount of the service – Cancellation less than 7 days before the date of departure or after the scheduled departure date: 100% of the total amount of the service. Any modification or cancellation by the customer in the context of a tourist vehicle rental with driver before departure will result in the collection of the following costs: – Cancellation + 96 hours before the departure date: 0% of the total amount of the trip – Cancellation 96 hours before the departure date: 70% of the total amount of the trip – Cancellation 48 hours before the departure date or after the scheduled departure date: 100% of the total amount of the trip
Any cancellation request must be made via your personal customer area, you have a unique username and password assigned to you upon booking confirmation. The cancellation will be considered effective when it is made in your customer area.


Any claim for non-performance or poor performance of the travel contract must be reported as soon as possible to our team only by email, so that it can provide a solution to the problem. In the event that the problem could not be resolved locally, any complaint must be sent to Medi's Cab by registered mail to the head office of Medi's Cab accompanied by all the supporting documents (in particular a certificate of downgrading or services not provided from service provider) within a maximum period of 30 days after the return date. After this period, no complaint will be taken into account.


In the event of a dispute, the buyer will first contact the seller in order to agree on an amicable solution. The fact that Medi's Cab does not take advantage of a breach of any of the obligations incumbent on the buyer, governed by these conditions of sale, cannot be interpreted as a waiver for the future of the obligation in question, nor the buyer's right to avail himself subsequently of this breach.

Applicable law

This agreement is subject to French law.


In accordance with the regulations, Medi's Cab has insurance covering professional liability, but it cannot replace the individual civil liability of the participants in the trip. In addition, it is desirable to have a multi-risk guarantee covering the costs of cancellation, repatriation, illness, travel accidents or others.

Protection of private life

The personal information required by the Medi's Cab teams is necessary to process the tourist service request. Medi's Cab attaches the utmost importance to preserving the confidentiality of this data. In accordance with Law No. 78.17 of January 6, 1978, known as the Data Protection Act, the customer has a right to access and rectify personal data concerning him, which Medi's Cab is required to help for the needs of his activity. The right of access and rectification can be exercised on simple request sent by mail to the head office of Medi's Cab, or by email to contact@mediscab.fr
Unless otherwise specified by you, Medi's Cab reserves the right to use this information to send you various commercial information.


In accordance with the law of March 11, 1957 and the law of July 3, 1985, codified in the Intellectual Property Code, it is prohibited to reproduce, modify, use the content (images, texts, videos, etc.) of the sites , brochures or any other document published by Medi's Cab, for public or commercial purposes, without prior written agreement obtained from Medi's Cab. Any violation of copyright constitutes the offense of counterfeiting, and as such engages the civil and criminal liability of its author.

Legal information

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The head office :

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